Life at Manaskriti

  • Spread over a lush green campus of 7.5 acres.
  • Awarded as the top challenger school by the Time School survey in 2022.
  • Flexible choices in subject selection for Grades 11 and 12.
  • Design thinking sessions for Grades 6-9 for building problem-solving skills.
  • Entrepreneurship is offered as a subject to children, along with other subjects that groom them for future careers.

Creative Expression

A comprehensive and vibrant curriculum


Experiential Learning

Each space is designed as a learning tool


Self and Social Skills

Building empathy and collaboration


Sports and Fitness

Towards health, wellness, and fitness

Our Programs

The spirit of Manaskriti School that defines and sets it apart is the experiential learning path. In practice, it manifests as a way of life that is pursued in all our learning frameworks.

Our Spaces

The entire campus is filled with natural material and sensory – experience to blur the boundaries
between conventional classroom teaching and outdoor learning and play.

Montessori Lab

Meaningful engaging activities through the scientific methods of Montessori

Pretend Play Lab

Opportunities to explore imaginative play with a well-equipped lab

Pottery Zone

Shaping creativity with clay and expressing  artistic perspectives

Sand Pit Zone

Play is the best way to engage young minds with sand and mould

Tree House

A diverse set of books to inculcate reading values and vocabulary skills

Aakriti – Visual Arts

The school becomes a canvas when children express their views through art

Tarang – Performing Arts

Dance and music that acts as a strong bond in building confident children

Maker’s Lab

Critical thinking and reasoning are built when children make their own creations

Design Thinking Lab

Problem-solving and following a process for coming up with solutions

Saarthi – Mentorship

Constant counseling with children for their emotional well-being

Sports and Wellness

With soccer, cricket, basketball, and athletics we groom children every day

Digital Lab

A well-equipped lab to bring forward digital skills and new-age technology

Shaping 21st-Century Citizens

We engage and encourage learners, promote them to see things on their own, and make them learn
through experiences, rather than just relying on facts.

Design thinking


Skill based learning

Happenings at Manaskriti

Children develop self-awareness, resilience, adaptability, confidence, empathy, collaborative working and communication skills through our everyday activities at school and outside


Acres of lush green campus


Student teacher Ratio


Sports Activities






Our Testimonials

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