1. Registration Fee for Admissions: All the registrations for admissions will be done online on the website of Manaskriti School, Faridabad. Parents/guardians shall visit the website and register their wards. The registration of a child is not a guarantee of admission in the school, which shall be decided as per the admission policy of the school. Note: Registration charges for the second academic session would be applicable as per the charges shared by the School.
      2. Fee Payment Schedule: Parents/guardians shall follow the “Fee Payment Schedule” declared in the school website. A detailed chart of prescribed fee structure (grade-wise) is also declared in the school website. Parents/guardians may approach to the admission in-charge of the school, if they seek any clarification on Fee Payment Schedule.
      3. Scholarship Policy: The school has a scholarship policy for students of grade 3 onwards
      4. Annual Charges –Annual Charges shall be applicable from the 2nd year of the admission of a child in the school, therefore in the session of admission, there will not be any annual charge payable by a student
      5. Tuition FeesPayment schedule –
        Tuition fee shall be collected in equal quarterly installments as detailed below:
        a. 1st Quarter (April – June): with admission fee or latest by 29th March
        b. 2nd Quarter (July–September): 01st July – 10th July
        c. 3rd Quarter (October-December): 01st Oct. – 10th Oct
        d. 4th Quarter (January – March): 01st Jan. – 10th Jan.
        e. Other activities/facilities charges declared anytime in the session, shall remain optional for the students and shall be payable only if students want to participate in such activities or want to avail facilities proposed by school administration. The parents/guardian shall be issued a notice mentioning the kind of activity/facility, amount payable for their ward and the last date of payment etc.
        f. Late Fee Fine: If the parents/guardian fail to pay the fee as per declared fee payment schedule, they shall be levied late fee fine as follows:
        INR 20 per day – If paid within 15 days after due date.
        INR 50 per day – If paid within 15-30 days after due date.
        INR 100 per day – If paid within 30-60 days after due date.
      1. Transport Charges: Payment schedule – Transport charges to be deposited in four installments along with the tuition fee and shall be charged for 12 months for all those admitted at the beginning of the academic session and on pro rata basis for all those joining in later months.
      2. Mode of Payment:
        All fees shall be paid only by cheque/cash
      3. The cheques will be collected by admission in-charge only
        a. The cheques drawn in favour of “Manaskriti School, Faridabad” payable only on local branches shall be accepted.
        b. Postdated cheques will not be accepted.
        c. Parents shall be responsible to ensure that cheques are complete and correct in all respect including the date, amount in figure and words, name and signature of drawer.
        d. Parents shall be responsible to mark correctly and neatly all the essential details of their wards on the back side of the cheque, which should be Name, class & section of the student, father/mother’s name and their contact number.
        e. If the cheque of fees deposited by parent is found incomplete/illegible/wrongly filled in any manner, that shall be treated as non-submission of fee till the time the parent submits another replacement of error free cheque before the expiry of the last date of fee submission, otherwise the parent shall be liable to pay late fee fine also under the applicable rules as mentioned here. The school shall not be liable for any delay in the intimation given to parent with regard to the inaccuracy / error in their cheque of fee.
        f. Bounced Cheques: If any cheque is dis-honored by the bank of the parents for any reason, a penalty of Rs. 200/- shall be payable by the parents against such dis-honored cheques and parents shall be liable to deposit the fee by cash only including the charges as declared for dis-honored cheques
      4. Issuance of Fee Payment Receipt: The parents/guardian shall be issued receipts of the school fee paid by them but only after receiving the confirmation from the banker of school regarding successful payment of school fee amount and other charges (if any) by parents’ bank.
      5. Fee refund Policy – If any parent/guardian, after depositing the full fee for admission of a child, chooses to withdraw the child from the school within one month from the date of admission, the school shall retain the registration charges, admission fee and the tuition fee for one month only, and shall refund all other amounts of fees or other charges within fifteen days of the request made by the parent(s), or guardian(s) to the school under proper receipt.
      6. For school administration – All payments made will be entered in the ERP and receipts shall be printed for the same. A quarterly summary report of the entire fee collected must be generated from the ERP by the accounts and given to the Principal.
      7. Fee Increment – The School reserves the right to review the fees of all categories, security deposits, late fee fine and penalty etc. annually and may increase the same accordingly by abiding with the rules applicable in this regard. The parents/guardian shall be informed of the enhanced fee structure in the beginning of every academic year.
      8. Other Important Rules Regarding Fee:
        A. If the last date of fee submission lies on any holiday in the school, the next working day of the school shall be considered as the last date for the fee submission.
        B. If a parent/guardian fails to make payment of fee/late fee/fine/other charges as per directions of the school, the student shall not be allowed to appear in the term/annual exams etc. and no results, reports, certificate or recommendation will be issued by school.
        C. If the parent/guardian fails to make payment of outstanding dues till the end of academic session (i.e. 31st March), the school shall struck off the name of the child from the school after issuing a Show Cause Notice to the parents/guardian before taking action and the parents shall be given reasonable opportunity of 15 days to reply ‘Show Cause Notice’ for the proposed action.
        D. The accounts department shall inform to the Examination In-charge and the Principal of the school, the name of defaulter students so that appropriate action may be taken.
        E. The accounts department shall issue ‘No Dues Certificate’ to only those students, who have cleared all the dues of the school and nothing is pending against them.
        F. The parent/guardian shall give an undertaking to the school on the prescribed format that they agree with the rules of school and they shall abide by all the rules of the school as declared on the web-site and they shall not cause any dispute/litigation before any authority/court of law to challenge the rules/decision taken by school administration time to time under the applicable provisions.

        • Transfer certificates will be issued only on receipt of written request for withdrawal to the admission cell.
        • One clear calendar month’s notice (in writing), or a month’s fee in lieu of such a notice, must be given before a pupil can be withdrawn. Please note that at least ten working days would be needed for processing a TC.
        • For withdrawal at the end of the session, parents must apply in the month of February, in writing.
        • The registration charges once paid shall not be refunded in any circumstances even if admission is denied/cancelled.
        • In case a parent/guardian applies to a withdraw his ward from the school after the commencement of classes, pro rata return of tuition fees paid in advance in monthly/quarterly annual installments minus the registration charge and cancellation fees as applicable shall be refunded. The refund shall be paid within 30 days of giving notice for refund.
        • Transfer certificates will not be issued until all dues are settled


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