Creative Expression

At Manaskriti, we weave creativity into everything we do. Our learning environment promotes self-expression, imagination, appreciation and sensitivity towards all facets of learning. We believe that students who have the opportunity to express their creativity through dance, music or arts are more resilient in the face of change and more fulfilled in their daily lives.

Our Arts curriculum is comprehensive and inculcates art appreciation, conservation of our heritage, refinement of the senses, integration with other subjects, development of life skills such as empathy, decision making, collaborative skills and self-exploration. Our spaces are open and welcome the students with open arms to express their joy and happiness through their songs, paintings, doodling and dance.

Our visual arts program is unique and robust and includes painting, pottery, sculpture, best out of waste techniques and various indigenous crafts like tie and dye, weaving etc. All our students are continuously engaged in creating and integrating art displays during school events and celebrations.

Our equally vibrant performing artsprogram encompasses classical and western music, folk and contemporary dance, theatre and various other forms of creative expressions. Specialised workshops are organised regularly to build awareness about different art forms.


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