Each space at the Manaskriti campus is designed to meet the unique needs of all learners.
The entire campus is filled with natural material and sensory – experience to blur the boundaries between conventional classroom teaching and outdoor learning and play.
The primary school has classrooms with fluid space configurations, play opportunities, flexible furniture settings, open areas for circle-time and abundant resources needed for the manaskriti way of learning. In addition there is a library, a digital resource center, robotics and math lab, science lab, pottery studio, visual arts studio, performing arts studio, an indoor multipurpose hall and an open amphitheater.
The middle and senior school classrooms are more structured,digitally equipped and have lockers. There is a separate library, resource center, separate science labs, visual arts studio and a performing arts studio.

We make learning more engaging and teach children that learning occurs everywhere and at all times.

little skates
Our mini skating rink helps our children to de-stress, have fun and learn new skills to improve their physical ability.

An outdoor creative space which has a musical wall made from waste, corners used for story telling and display of artworks done by our children.

Our play area for children with multi-purpose playground swing, sandpit manipulatives and free play equipment.

Our large, spacious & centrally located amphitheater which transforms itself fluidly into interactive learning spaces and venue for all our events and gatherings.

design thinking lab
Children have the power to solve many social issues and with design thinking as a tool, we reach out to the community and build solutions for the community.

gulmohar greens
Our lush green field provides meaningful physical sports opportunities like cricket, athletics and soccer; nurturing individual talent with professional training.

pottery barn
An open space where our children create stories of craftsmanship, creativity and pure joy; using the potter’s wheel and free sculpting clay.

organic garden
We sensitize the young minds towards respect for environment and sustainable living. Initiatives like growing seasonal vegetables, hydroponics and drip irrigation children experience hands-on learning.

we equip our children with effective colloquial methods to improve their communication skills formulate deliberations and enhance their creative expression.


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