Glimpses Of First Week Of Our Summer Fun Factory

A week full of fun and innovation.


Experience and learn something new this Summer at Manaskriti!



Achievements of Manaskriti Champs

Confidence leads to achievement and achievement leads to success!!!

Manaskriti School always believe in developing young minds in an experiential way to become a life-long learner and an inquisitive learners. Divyasha Biswal of Grade 2 Ambar and Delisha Biswal of Grade 4 Ambar have shown the same confidence in being the young Manaskriti Champ to win Bronze and Gold medal respectively in Kick boxing organised by Faridabad District Kick Boxing Championship.

We heartily congratulate our Manaskriti Champs!!

Teacher’s Training Program

Manaskriti believes that continued professional development is crucial for its educators as the application of new knowledge, skills and right attitude directly affects the students.


To promote this endeavour, the school invited Ms. Vinita Sareen to address the major learning challenges of educators in today’s scenario, overall concentrating on critical and creative thinking.


Summer Fun Factory

Summers are back and so are vacations!!!

Engage your child in some enriching activities and help them learn something new this summer with Summer fun factory at Manaskriti School!!!

Mother’s Day Celebration

Laughter, fun and loads of love was all around Manaskriti, with our Ankurites and Nursery mothers celebrated Mother’s day!!!

We danced, played and enjoyed every minute of this day! We at Manaskriti hope that our young mothers have built some memories to be cherished long after!!!
Happy Mother’s Day!

Learning the sport of Boomerang

“Life’s like a boomerang. Give good energy out, it comes back to you”
Manaskriti resolutely believes in introducing new and innovative sports to its students. The school recently had an interaction session with Mr. Vivek Montrose, the first Indian to have represented the country in the sport of Boomerang internationally!

Every day is Earth Day

“How many bags of clothes do you throw away every year? We as children keep growing every year and keep getting new clothes. Come lets recycle…. lets hand down our clothes to our younger ones, cousins and build a better community”- Aarush Chopra, Grade 7, Manaskriti.

Join us at Manaskriti as we put forward the initiative of sharing and build a community that recycles and reuses!

International Dance Day

What does Dance mean to you? On international Dance day Manaskriti minds not only experienced various dance forms, but also shared their views on dance:

“Dance is one of those acts that help a person to express their emotions.”- Grade 7

“Dance is the right way of increasing our stamina.”- Grade 3

“Dance is the motivational of healthy & fit living beings.”- Grade 6

“Dance is the way to motivate our self, like this famous tagline: we can do it…”- Grade 8


“Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.”

Manaskriti organized Sports Day in school on 2 February 2019. Manaskriti is blessed to have Lt. Col. Subodh Mudgal, Mr. Rishi Kapoor and Mr. Devershee Sachan as the guest of honour.

Lt. Col. Subodh Mudgal is currently posted at Army headquarters, Delhi. He has served in Laddakh, been a part of United Nation Peace Keeping Force in Sudan and later South Sudan.

Mr. Rishi Kapoor is currently playing for Delhi United Football Club(DUFC).

Cancer Awareness & Health Camp

Cancer is among one of the three great risks to the global economy due to escalating cost of care, threat to productivity from death and disability and effects of costs on household impoverishment. Manaskriti organized Cancer Awareness Camp in collaboration with Rotary Club of Faridabad Green.
This camp involved free health checkup with Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre and QRG hospital. Breast cancer checkup, cervical cancer checkup, throat cancer checkup, BP and sugar checkup were the part of this camp.


A champion is one someone who gets up, even when he can’t. Sports play a pivotal role in our lives. It not only makes us learn values like discipline, responsibility, sacrifice, self-confidence, accountability but also makes us value working as a team. Manaskriti organized Parents Sports Day as it not only encourages good health moreover it release our competitive urges and creates great camaraderie.
The event had four games all together, chicken ball race for dads, balance the balls for mums, obstacle race for dads and baton relay race for mums. Parents who stood first, second and third were awarded with medals.


Food is the biggest aspects of a culture. Learning how to cook is one of the most important skills one should have. Keeping this in mind Manaskriti organized MASTER CHEF COMPETITION starting from Grade 1 to Grade 5. Children came up with lots of astounding dishes which not only reflected their creativity but also their ability to appreciate each other. Competition resulted in the development of fine motar skills among children.

Jolly Phonics Training Workshop – With Parents

What helps children to improve their reading skills and efficiency? Answer to this question is nothing other than Phonics. Building up the base of children at the early age can brighten up their future. For this reason Manaskriti organized a Jolly Phonics Training Workshop for parents. Growth of the child depends on the hard work of the school as well as of the parents. So aim of this Workshop was to make the parents have acquaintanceship with 26 phonic sounds with the help of Jolly phonics rhyme.

Professional Development Workshop By Pearson

Manaskriti endeavours in nurturing its educators as life-long learners and so it organized a Professional Development Workshop by Pearson, one of the world’s leading publisher in English language teaching. The major focus of the conducted workshop was on Pronunciation. It was a very interactive session and proved to be a great source of knowledge.

Lets open the “Pitara” 2018 of Manaskriti School!!!

” Great initiative by the school. We enjoyed and learnt a lot! Thanks to Manaskriti for organising Pitara”

“A very good initiative for Faridabad. Hope it picks up more in the coming years and becomes iconic for Faridabad!!”

From Pitara 2018 to the entire community

Inculcating reading habits amongst children also builds the right manners in them and this habit has to be through collaborative efforts of school and parents”- Anupa Lal , Author.

She shared her stories with us at Pitara 2018 and also shared her message to the community to reignite the magic of reading!

Soccer league

Experiences are built through various oppurtunities given to children.
As Manaskriti school partners with Delhi Dynamos Fans Club children of our school walk with the players at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium as they play at the ISL- Indian Super League.

English workshop

English workshop on effective teaching strategy by Rumna Mitra, a high school teacher, facilitator & faculty head with an experience of 28years.


3rd November 2018 marked as the most coveted day for the trail blazers, the leaders, role models and the chosen ones to uphold the values of the school as the First Investiture Ceremony “ARCHON” was held at the School Abhimanch with great enthusiasm and spirit.


A time for celebration, A time for victory of good over evil,
A time when the world sees the example of truth and integrity,
Let us continue with the same “true”spirit.
Blessings of Dussehra for all.

Workshop on form generation

Simple words like “shape”, “form” and “structure” were explored by the students of grade 4 of Manaskriti as the team of Enroute2Skills brought a new dimension of experiential and collaborative learning for them.

A process of making wherein students understood how various 3d forms can be made with simple tools and techniques!
Manaskriti – nurturing life-long learners

Dastkar- an ode to Indian traditions

At Manaskriti, we saw a confluence of many generations as grandparents, parents and our manaskriti children engaged in various art forms like the Craft of boomerang, Puppetry of Rajasthan, Pottery of Haryana, Gond art of Madhya Pradesh, Tie-Dye of Gujarat and Madhubani art and shared the importance of preserving our cultural values.

Chai time with parents

Manaskriti believes in the process of experiential learning to bring out the best in a child. For this purpose, the parents were invited to the school for chai morning , wherein all the parents were made aware of teaching pedagogy used in school.

It was an interactive session where parents where given an oppertunity to put thier queries and have an exact idea of how hands on activities are used to teach children in an effective way.

Teacher’s Day

अखण्डमण्डलाकारं व्याप्तं येन चराचरम् ।
तत्पदं दर्शितं येन तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥

As a mark of tribute to valuable contribution made by effervescent teachers to the school and society, Manaskriti celebrated Teacher’s Day with great fervour and gusto.

Janmashtami Celebrations

“Sri Krishna made an indelible impression upon mankind’s collective consciousness—re-educating the world about devotion and dharma as well as the ultimate reality.”

Manaskriti School celebrated the birth of Lord Krishna with sheer enthusiasm in form of a special assembly .The little one’s stole the show as they enacted Krishna and Radha , dancing and singing in his glory. Students presented a magnificent skit on Krishna and Sudama depicting the importance of friendship and value relationships.

Lighthouse series- Learning through Play

Play is the highest form of research!” – Albert Einstien

At manaskriti, we have always believed in creating spaces for children that help in building a child’s curiosity. Our lighthouse series for August had the focus towards “Learning through play” as we wish to spread the same knowledge to educators of our community.

Rakshabandhan celebrations

Raksha Bandhan- a bond of love, security and protection.
Lets take a pledge to tie this bond to nature and protect them for the betterment of our future.
Wishing everyone Happy Rakshabandhan!

Story telling session with BookVook

Story telling is the greatest activity of any culture! BOOKVOOK brought the activity to Manaskriti today with a lot of fun and learning!.

STEAM day for curious minds

At Manaskriti, we celebrated STEAM day on 15th Aug 2018 to inspire kids to explore and pursue there interest in science,technology,engineering,art and math. this gave our young minds an opportunity to absorb and understand the intricacies of various topics based on there interests to inculcate curiosity and motivation simultaneously.

Kavita Vachan competition

“Poetry is the best way to express oneself. It brings out the deepest thoughts and expression from within”
Inter class competition “Kavita Vachan” final round was held on Monday ie 06 aug’18.Variety of interesting rhymes with good introduction of themselves had flown in a melody from all the students. Among all the participants one student from each grade was selected as the best although almost every child was at its best.

Independence day

Manaskriti family celebrated independence day with lot of pride, enthusiasm and togetherness. an eventful day full of spirit of patriotism and fervor.

Van Mahotsav

Van mahotsav – raising awareness about the importance of trees and encouraging people to plant more of them. Manaskriti minds shared this beautiful thought and learnt more about the conception of van mahotsav, chipko movement and much more through various activities.
Our young minds, took a pledge to save trees and keep our environment clean and green.

Bekaar ko Aakar

Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded! Manaskriti school with the initiation of its “bekaar ko aakar” series created many products with discarded clothes, and children came up with various ideas to give “aakar”.

Aanand our CSR initiative for senior citizens

There is no age to learning….. and at manaskriti we believe in life -long learning!With this spirit, we extend a warm welcome to our senior citizen to come and understand the “how to” of e-learning!
A two day camp, over a cup of coffee, we will help and guide everyone to understand basic technology related skills like – e-ticketing,online shopping,basic mobile operations,sending emails, sharing pictures and much more
please call at 9667863370 and register yourself.
Transport is also available!