We are gifted with constant exposure to new ways of going about life that nourish our tolerance, broaden our perspectives and feed our global intelligence.

Our school is a place for exploration, learning, sharing and joy.

From a craftsman to a rising entrepreneur, they all share their journey with our learners that help them build connections between their learning and the real world. through community interactions, we promote opportunities for creative synthesis in the learning landscape of the school.

Manaskriti has many initiatives to strengthen its relationship with the wider community like cleanliness drives, plantation of trees, educating the under-privileged, sports activities, neighborhood celebrations of cultural festivals and more.


Happiness grows when it is shared… this week let’s spread and share love, kindness, gratitude and positivity around! let’s …

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Our Manaskriti minds rejoiced and shared their happiness with the children of “Shaurya Foundation- a center for children with autism”. Every Diwali we celebrate with our family…

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Dream India

With a cheerful smile and a vibrant heart manaskriti school, greater faridabad welcomed the children of dream india on 5th november 2019. they were on the premises for two hours. the dream india campaign has been pioneered by mr. shagun sharma and his friends. these youngsters are determined to bring a change in society by educating and grooming deprived children. many……

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Chanakya Play

Chanakya- A wise man much ahead of his time, made many important observations about ethics. ‘Chanakya Neeti Shastra’ is a collection of statements, selected by Chanakya from the various shastras. ……

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Light House

Manaskriti believes in empowering educators by encouraging them to reflect on and develop their own practices. The Lighthouse series is an initiative….

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Kitaab Ghar

“KITAB GHAR” is an initiative by Manaskriti school to foster reading habits amongst children and adults. This mobile library encourages an interest in reading and life-long learning. Kitab Ghar progresses from one public area to another….

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