At Manaskriti we have been practicing intrigue teaching pedagogies to ensure we provide Quality Education. Some of the changes are – Extensive hands on learning through learning studios, maths lab, social science lab, maths kit (Ganit Kriya) and integrated science lab. Our educators effectively utilize the entire campus as learning spaces for children to experience the active learning methods. LEAD – A professional team from Zenit Excelencia would be dedicated for effective training of children in various communication skills, from JAMs to elocutions, debates, MUNs and group discussions. Our design thinking curriculum is now more robust with a dedicated space where students define the prob lems they want to solve and design solutions to address them. We have a professional team for Enroute2skills to effectively develop the strategies and curriculum. With sports children would now get training in skating, basketball, table tennis and soccer along with self-defense classes. Our Saturdays for grade 6-9 would have clubs like photography, sculpture, chess and game design for children to step out of their regular academics and learn something new. We have dedicated learning spaces for Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Maker’s Lab, Library and IT lab for both our segments (pre-nursery- grade 2 and grade 3-9) .

our strategies for children to excel in
critical thinking, problem-solving,
leadership, decision making,
collaboration, and

  • anmol

    -our-pre-primary wing

    pre-nursery- grade 2

  • aamod

    -our primary wing

    grade 3-5

  • aakar

    -our middle and senior wing

    grade 6-9

  • learning through play

    imagination, creativity and all kinds of symbolic behavior, reading, writing, drawing , music, dance are provided to children by well researched play activities.

  • an experiential pedagogy

    immerses learners in an active learning processes which encourages reflection about the experience to develop ne skill, new attitudes, or new ways of thinking.

  • extensive lab activities

    laboratory experiences make academics “come alive,” and promotes a student’s ability to collaborate effectively with others in carrying out complex tasks, to share the work of the task, to contribute and respond to ideas.

  • LEAD_ Language Enhancement and Activity Development

    Basic conversation skills are worked on and children are equipped with skills in correct pronunciations and adaptation of new words in their vocabulary.

  • LEAD_ Language Enhancement and Activity Development

    focus on training children for just a Minute sessions, declamations and debates. Children are explained the process of presenting themselves and have effective delivery of a given subject.

  • LEAD_ Language Enhancement and Activity Development

    in grade 6-9, children are trained to gear up for MUN and TED talks, so that they can present thir thoughts through various mediums of presentation.

  • learning studios

    a very lively pretend play zone for young minds, wherein they learn by actively engaging in activities and creating their own inferences. Children learn while they create from their curiosity and understanding, and learning studios provides such options.

  • maker’s lab

    children when posed with real life problems, can come up with very innovative solutions at maker’s lab as they make their solutions using various resources, techniques and skills.

  • design thinking lab

    a place where stdents define the problems they want to solve and design solutions to address them. Leveraging powerful technology, stdents engage in activities and projects that expose them to skills and strategies with design thinking, engineering, and digital communication.

  • sports and fitness

    our students are trained by sports expets in the field of general fitness, stamina building, body image, self-esteem,teamwork, cooperation and leadership. The initial training starts for various ball games, skating and self defense techniques.

  • sports and fitness with choice of sprts

    students are trained for various indigenous game and general trak and field games. They are trained in sports like soccer, basket ball, skating and self defenes techniques.

  • sports with expert trainers

    students are trained in thire selected sport like soccer, basket ball, table table tennis,cricket and squash. with expert coaches they build their potential and prepare for various district and state level championships.

  • creative expressions

    a balance of art and craft is given to young minds, for them to develop their fine motor skills and engage in creative activities. An introduction to various art forms and basic dance forms helps the children learn the the language of rhythm and formations.

  • advanced level of visual and performing arts

    pottery, origami, painting with artist representation become the key elements of visual arts. in performing arts, children are trained in indian contemporary and in instruments they are trained in guitar, synthesiser, tabla, congo.

  • excellence in visule and performing arts

    children are given expertise in understanding of various art forms like warli, madhubani along with an in depth knowledge of artists and their works. in performing arts, training is given in specific dance forms along with instrumental training.

  • educational trips/workshops

    we organize educational experiences that allow students to perceive lessons of real world through the imagery of real situations.

  • educational trips/sessions

    with grade 3_5, students pro-activel experience cultural elements, learn community and society structures, and develop a deeper understanding of their interest fields and evolve themselves.

  • educational trips/expert talks

    Educational trips are reshaped where the students step out of the observation zone and take active participation in community sevice and environmental presevation through various activities.


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