Our Aamod program for grades 3 to 5 is a balance between accelerated learning and exhilaration with a supportive environment for either enrichment or acceleration. Academic assimilation is executed through research, critical analysis, creative and strategic thinking, along with persuasive writing and argumentation. Community based social projects are taken up by children to sensitize them towards their ecosystem. There is also a rich set of co-curricular activities like debates, hands-on science projects, soccer, basketball, art, craft, music, dance and theatre that inculcate critical life skills. It provides a strong foundation to prepare for the rigors of high school.



The day at Aamod starts with a prayer to ensure a spiritual connect followed by “Umang”. In order to achieve maximum student engagement, we plan our activities in a manner that they promote inquisitiveness amongst students.“Umang” activities are planned daywise so that we make the students learn something new everyday. From challenging sheets to social skills and with exciting inter house competitions, children look forward to UMANG everyday!

All our subject teachings focus on experiential learning, which is the undercurrent in our strategic approach to teaching and pedagogy. LEAD- our language program and Maker’s lab that are an integral part of this strategic approach to teaching wherein the students not only learn but live the subjects but also inculcate in their daily progression.

To strengthen the values of emotional wellbeing and compassion , we follow a concept of “gratitude jar” every day, wherein the students can thank anyone for any reason that they feel important .


our teaching pedagogy

Our curriculum and pedagogies as set by CBSE and we abridge those with our approach to give practical learning experiences and foster holistic development within students.


Makers lab

Our Maker’s lab encourages tinkering, play and open-ended exploration in a friendly, non-competitive environment where children merge fun with STEAM concepts and use recycled material for DIY projects and conduct fun experiments to enhance curriculum learning.



Our Language Enrichment and Activity Development program facilitates proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, performing skills and broadening of vocabulary in a highly creative and interactive environment with tools like debates, just a minute, theater, word games etc.


Visual arts

Our VA program inspires young artists to develop their creative expressions through a progressive curriculum including painting, sketching, pottery, sculpture, photography and film making.


Digital Learning

It is an integral part of our teaching learning transactions. A diverse set of tech tools, relevant softwares and programs are taught to children to create and apply information.


Performing Arts

With opportunities to explore classical, folk and contemporary dance styles, vocal music and theatre, our children develop confidence and creativity in self- expression.


Sports and Wellness

Our integrated sports program develops training techniques, respect and teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship and stamina building. It includes soccer, cricket, skating, table-tennis, athletics, gymnastics, yoga etc.

Our learning spaces

Children develop self awareness, resilience, adaptability, confidence, empathy, collaborative working and communication skills through our learning spaces spread across the green campus

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