At manaskriti, we encourage our senior learners to play an active role in their education. A strong mentoring and peer-to-peer system allows our learners to take charge of increasingly challenging academics.

Our learners are encouraged to make close observations, ask insightful questions and cross disciplines in pursuit of solutions. They are mentored to think critically and engage in collaborative problem solving, embarking on a journey of discovery while strengthening their communication skills.

Guidance and counseling is woven into all aspects of learning in this transformative phase of our learner’s life, both physically and emotionally.



The daily academic routine starts with “Umang”, wherein we make learning fun by working on different topics at the pace of individual students. With the student council being active, children learn the skills of leadership through organizing various inter school competitions. Assemblies are planned by taking topics of interest abreast with current affairs.

All our subject teachings also focus on experiential learning, which is the undercurrent in our strategic approach to teaching and pedagogy. Design thinking sessions where children become problem solvers and analyse real life situations as a team.

We also curate personalized mentoring for students through teachers as well as through collaborative learning wherein the students appreciate the social fabrics of our society. To take forward this approach of socially connected learning, we follow a concept of “gratitude jar” every day, wherein the students can thank anyone for any reason they feel important to them.

The regular subjects follow the curriculum and pedagogies as set by CBSE and abridge those with our approach to practical learning experiences to foster holistic development of students.


our teaching pedagogy

The program emphasizes on deep learning experiences through design thinking, entrepreneurship and skill based learning


Design Thinking

Educators and students collaboratively engage in design challenges that focus on solving real world problems, developing higher-order thinking skills, encouraging ideation, proto-typing and getting familiar with the design thinking process.


Digital Learning

With opportunities to explore classical, folk and contemporary dance styles, vocal music and theatre, our children develop confidence and creativity in self- expression.


Skill Building

Assessment is mainly for evaluating performance in terms of a student’s strengths and areas for improvement, with specific reference to his/her understanding of concepts, skills, and knowledge.


Aakriti- our visual arts

Students are made aware about different professions and various aspects of life which supports and compliments their curriculum. Experts from various facets of life come forward and share their knowledge with the young minds.


Tarang- performing arts

Our unique mentorship program where our educators provide guidance, encouragement and constructive feedback to the mentee by constant interaction and interest in their growth trajectory.


Sports and wellness

Students learn to integrate concepts and methods from different disciplines of science and implement the same through projects, hands-on activities and practical demonstrations.


Seminar and workshops

To ensure a holistic development of students as well as to keep our teachers abreast with the latest trends, technologies, and ideas of various national and international thought-leaders, we organize regular seminars and workshops to retain the quality of education in our school at par with the highest echelons.


Carrer fairs

Students are many-a-times unaware of various career paths that they can pursue in line with their caliber, interests, and aptitude. To bridge these knowledge gaps at various critical junctures of their educational journeys, we always organize career fairs to impart our students with the relevant news, updates and trends so that they are able to make their own decisions towards their career paths.


Building relationships

Humans are social animals and cannot thrive without our society we live-in. to ensure a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship of our students with their peers, families, teachers etc. we regularly sensitize them towards tacit and explicit societal norms, so they know how to be a good human being at heart.


Performance analysis

In today’s competitive environment, where data is the new gold, we keep informing our students about their performances in a well organized and collated metrics, based on which they can take a decision on how to prepare for examinations and strategies on areas of weakness, strength and plan their preparations accordingly.


Theatrical expressions

As it is said, “all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy”, similarly in congruence with our ethos to have an all-round development of students, we provide a hint of variety in the life of our students by adding theatre, so they can express themselves emotionally, connect better with their peers and explore their hidden talents. As we have seen in the past, this not only develops their cognitive abilities but imparts an unsurmountable confidence in them.


Language of the worlds

With the concept of “Vasudevam Kutumbakam” (the whole world is a family) and not family can live like one unless they can communicate, we impart foreign languages to our students. This not only enables them to gain a world class education, but it also gives them a jumpstart to pursue further careers abroad or to have international collaborations in their professional lives.

Our learning spaces

spread over 7.5 acres of land, our campus shares a collaborative space for all manaskriti minds to explore and learn through a holistic approach of learning

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