Our middle year program provides a supportive and challenging environment to make a smooth transition to adolescence. Our learners experience the required balance of discipline and structure, fun and enjoyable learning with an increased sense of independence and responsibility to ensure their healthy, intellectual, personal and social development.
The program emphasizes on deep learning experiences through discussions, extensive science and math labs, problem-solving methods, foreign language lessons and more. Extensive field trips, community outreach, workshops and many other learning facets are introduced to help learners establish meaningful connections.
Through creative expressions, the learners are able to reflect and build on their proficiency in their desired path. Be it dance, music, theatre or arts they discover who they are and dwell deeper into understanding these expressions.
Whether it’s mastering teamwork in the sports field or time management skills between homework and matches, our learners make their choices and pursue the selected sport under the guidance of expert coaches and steer them selves ahead.

Design Thinking Lab
Educators and students collaboratively engage in design challenges that focus on solving real world problems, developing higher-order thinking skills, encouraging ideation, proto-typing and getting familiar with the design thinking process.

Performing Arts
With opportunities to explore classical, folk and contemporary dance styles, vocal music and theatre, our children develop confidence and creativity in self- expression.

Comprehensive Assessment
Assessment is mainly for evaluating performance in terms of a student’s strengths and areas for improvement, with specific reference to his/her understanding of concepts, skills, and knowledge.

Expert Talk
Students are made aware about different professions and various aspects of life which supports and compliments their curriculum. Experts from various facets of life come forward and share their knowledge with the young minds.

Our unique mentorship program where our educators provide guidance, encouragement and constructive feedback to the mentee by constant interaction and interest in their growth trajectory.

Integrated science lab
Students learn to integrate concepts and methods from different disciplines of science and implement the same through projects, hands-on activities and practical demonstrations.


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