Our Pre-Primary program is designed to provide the core for future academic, social and emotional well being of every child. Our all-inclusive curriculum highlights activities and resources designed for the development of gross and fine motor skills through our eight learning centers. These activities also encourage shared discovery, achievement and challenges.
All our children are involved in a professional fitness program, creative expressions and community outreach, enabling them to explore and understand their environment.

learning through sand play
gives tactile experience, improves imagination and is a stimulus of joyful change
learning through water play
provides mathematical experience, repetitive challenges and therapeutic environment

learning through table top
develops hand-eye co-ordination, concentration and movement
learning through small world
imaginative role play, puppetry and storytelling which enhances creativity and communication skills

learning through creative play
develops creative and aesthetic experience about the color and richness of life
learning through dramatic play
develops a range of motor-skills expression and exploration of a fantasy world

learning through dough and clay
encourages development of concentration, language and social skills
learning through construction
develops imagination to express their visual imagery through blocks and unstructured material


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