Self and social skills are the skills that are interwoven with the regular schema of work for our students at Manaskriti. Social skills are the skill sets that empowers the child to communicate and interact with his peers and educators. These are transacted through group and individual activities , workshops , peer learning in the form of camping, class room transaction role playing, walks etc.

These activities equip our students with verbal and non verbal skills through gestures, body language and personal appearance.

Students of our Anmol group are made to understand basic etiquette, manners, knowing and sharing with peers, pep talks etc. Students are given situations to practice their know how to build their own self esteem .
Our learner’s in our Aamod and Aakar group are also engaged in activities that makes them sensitive towards their ecology and the ecosystem that they all belong to. Buddy reading, trust and faith games, goal setting, self care, solo exercises etc.

Children of today will become leaders of tomorrow by imbibing and practicing good social values .