Signature Events

School events at Manaskriti are the manifestation of the philosophy of our school. Events at Manaskriti are organised to encompass children with high aspirations, social skills, Indian cultural values and creative thinking. Children learn through multiple interactions with the community and build a strong connect with their environment. Events like our annual Literary festival- Pitara, inter-school maths quiz- M’athletics and many more build 21st century skills for the young minds of Manaskriti.


Our orientation program marks the first day of the academic year. It’s a children led event, where our young minds welcome the new students and explain them our innovative processes through narratives and performances.

Van Mohotsav

It is celebrated to raise awareness about the importance of trees and encourage people to plant more of them. Manaskriti minds share this beautiful thought and learn more about the inception of van mahotsav, chipko movement and innovative “green” initiatives.


Children learn the best and are most engaged when they themselves are a part of creating and ideating. With this aim, Manaskriti hosts Pitara the biggest literary festival of Faridabad, where children are given a plethora of activities through which they explore their own meaningful creations.


We see a confluence of many generations as grandparents, parents and children engage in various art forms of India and share the importance of preserving our cultural values. The event is named Kalakriti an ode to the Indian crafts and craftsmen.


Sports play a pivotal role in our lives. It not only makes us learn values like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, accountability but also makes us value teamspirit. At Manaskriti our sports day is Udaan as we believe in giving flight to potentials of every child.

Independence Day

Manaskriti celebrates Independence day with lot of pride, enthusiasm and togetherness. Its an eventful day with flag hoisting, kite flying, music and dance. Children along with their parents are full of patriotism and fervor.


We celebrate STEAM day in the month of August to inspire children to explore and pursue their interest in science, technology, engineering, art and math. This gives our young minds an opportunity to inculcate curiosity and motivation simultaneously.


It was indeed an overwhelming response with 20 schools who participated with us. It was a very energetic day with M’athletics and children enjoyed every bit of the day with innovative and immerse activities of mathematics.

Little India

Manaskriti school organised a unique cultural carnival for the children on 8 September 2019. The event was planned for showcasing our rich cultural and traditional heritage to the children. The event was filled with some interesting fun and frolic activities. The school campus was decorated on the Indian cultural theme. The children along with their parents enjoyed a storytelling session, puppet show, pottery activity and a ramp walk in which all the children walked on the ramp with their parents in beautiful ethnic attires.

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