Sports & Fitness

The sports and fitness program at Manaskriti helps our students to think better, feel better and move better. It is an important part of our experiential curriculum Which involves learning new physical skills, sportsmanship, also simply enjoying the thrill of competition and outdoor activities.

Thrice a week, our students are trained by sports experts in the field of general fitness, stamina building, body image, self-esteem, teamwork, cooperation and leadership.

Our primary grade students are trained for various ball games, indigenous games and general track and field games. Our senior students are trained in soccer, cricket, basketball, table-tennis, athletics etc.

Yoga and meditation is an integral part of our sports curriculum and is regularly practiced by our students to revitalize and renew their energies to lead a happy and relaxed life. Workshops and specialized sessions on unique and indigenous sports like ‘boomerang’ are organised regularly to infuse global appreciation and awareness.


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