The children of grade 6 to 8 are in a phase where they are being shaped, moulded and are given dimensions towards their life. Our middle year program provides a supportive and challenging environment for children to explore their potential and build on their passion and learnings. Children in the aakar wing can opt for their choice of interest in music, arts,sports and third language.

World Food Day

Grade 6 presented the virtual assembly on world food day. Children discussed and presented way of utilising the food resources and how can be work on "go vocal for local" Children shared many ideas and concepts related to crop harvesting and saving the fields from harmful pesticides. Books cannot generate all knowledge, and when children come together and discuss concerns of the society, that is when true knowledge sharing takes place.

Global Handwashing Day

grade 8 presented the act showing the importance of washing the hands in morning assembly. The children shared the importance of washing hands via different modes. Global handwashing day serves as a yearly reminder that handwashing with soap and water is one of the best steps, we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others.

World Calamity Day

Grade 7 presented the assembly on World calamity control day. Children through various tools like videos, presentations etc showcased various calamities and added a lot of energy to the whole assembly. They went on to discuss the reasons for the calamities and somewhere linked them with the way humans are destroying nature. Many myths were busted as children figured how calamities could be avoided by taking small steps towards preserving our environment.

World coconut day

Nature is bountiful in the gifts it has given us, and the fact is that everything we need for a healthy and happy life can be received from nature in the most inexpensive and natural ways. One such gift of nature is food – that grows on trees and plants and is one of the main sources of all the nutrients required by our body for healthy functioning. Coconuts, a popular fruit around the world, hold a special significance in India, not only for the many health benefits it offers but also for the auspiciousness and spiritual connect associated with it. World coconut day is celebrated on the 2nd of September, every year.


The main aim of this activity is to predict the next term of a spatial pattern and to find a rule to give the number of matchsticks for n triangles. For n triangles, the number of matchsticks required will be calculated with this formula 2n+1. Students can observe that 1 triangle is made of: 2x1+1 = 3 matchsticks, 2 triangles are made of : 2x2+1= 5 matchsticks, 3 triangles are made of: 2x3+1= 7 matchsticks & 4 triangles are made of : 2x4+1= 9 matchsticks and so on.

Unsung Tribal Heroes and their contribution towards economic development.

The Moderators introduced the craftsmen and their state representative of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs. The ministry of tribal affair had asked all states to carefully study the folklore to identify heroes of tribal community. So, the heroes from different states ignited the knowledge of all members of the conference. How they are putting efforts to develop the economy while keeping in touch with the best natural resources come from forest.

assessments on roll

Assessments are a way of understanding the learning journey of each child. While teaching virtually, educators have their own apprehensions as its difficult to gauge the understanding level of each child. With our formative assessment platform supported by Google forms, educators were able to map the learnings and children were also able to see their scores simultaneously.

teaching trends @ virtual learning

During a regular day educator can teach effortlessly in a classroom but it is not possible in today’s scenario. The educators today, are teaching very strategically and integrate many real-life examples, concepts reveal, and references to earlier topics laced with videos to enhance the virtual learning process. Many MCQs , quizzes and presentations are introduced to engage children rather than just asking them to write answers.

competitions @ bal bhawan

School and children grow together and for the growth, both have to come forward together as one. This feeling and attitude has been once again been seen when the children participated in an inter-school competition organized by Bal Bhavan. These competitions bring out the talent of children and give them a platform to showcase their creativity.

coffee morning with Principal maam and grade 6-9 children

Children have many things to share and express and at times due to their regular classes, they are unable to share their feelings with the eucators. On the last working day of grades 6-9, children were invited for a coffee morning with Principal maam and many topics related to the current scenario were discussed. Children came up with some thought provoking ideas wherein they shared thier anxieties and fears. Our Principal shared with all children that they all need to share a sense of gratitude towards everyone around and be thankful for all the blessings they have got. to break away the monotony of an online session, everyone sang songs and had fun in the end.


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