The children of grades 3 to 5 learn to develop a balance between accelerated learning and excitement with the help of a supportive environment. With virtual sessions, the school put together a very encouraging environment for children to help them gain knowledge and enjoy the process. We provide them with a mix bag of online and recorded videos where they can pace their learning according to their timings. With recorded videos, children and keep going back to understand the concept again and again from their educators.

Manaskriti Minds were intrigued and inspired by Ms. Ananya Tuli (AIIMS, New Delhi) who had exuberated aura of juxtaposing wisdom and curiosity as a scientist. She was able to stir the minds and engage the students in asking intelligent scientific questions much ahead of their age. Students were later engaged by Mrs. Muskan Wahal in science experiments combining conceptual and practical knowledge based out of the curriculum. The students were also inspired to perform these experiments at home using easily available materials from the kitchen.

The magic of Maths

Math may not teach us how to ADD love and SUBTRACT hate, but it can surely teach us how to ADD fun and SUBTRACT fear. Manaskriti has come up with a series of Saturday Ganit Gyan, wherein you can explore, create, learn, generate, understand, enjoy and walk in love with Mathematics with its experts and maths team. This time we had Manpreet Kaur, a Cue Math Educator. She enhanced logical, critical, and problem solving skills of grade 6-10 children, thereby focusing on the basic concepts.

Earth day celebrations

On the occasion of earth day grade III students were up to something very knowledge centric and hands on. The experiential approach of the school is integral to learning new concepts related to sustainable practices. The students discussed the “Life cycle of Bottle”. The challenges, problem and solutions related to a non-biodegradable to a thing such a bottle. Active participation from the discussions lead to an empowerment amongst students about Mother Earth. The first zero plastic store of India was also bought up.

Concept of latitude and logitude

Grade 5 students had it rolling over about the concept of latitudes and longitudes of the earth with the hands on activity designed for them. Taking up balls and drawing the meridians and parallels on them with the help of sketch up or pen, helped them understand the design and sense of how latitude and longitude operate. The parallel lines are Latitudes and horizontal lines, Meridians, are Longitudes.

Differet types of weather

In the virtual classes everything seems in reach with teachers asking students to gather resources from within their homes and LEARN. Grade 4 students learnt about weather by guessing different images of clouds in different fragments such as.. cloudy, partly cloudy, rainfall, thunderstorm and a perfect sunny day. The images were shown to students and they identified them according to the different form of clouds in association with the weather.

An experiential learning

An experiential learning activity was conducted for the students of grade 3 Vayu by the Maths Educator Ms.Himanshi wherein she elaborated the concept of successor by "Adding 1 to a number" and grouping of numbers. Students really enjoyed this Mathematics session.

Tea-Time Virtual session with parents

The school organized an evening, tea-time, virtual talk-session between the Principal, teachers and parents of grade 3-5 students. An over view of the subject progression in classroom, the teacher's perspective embedded with school was shared in the form of a ppt. The aims and objectives of topics covered were briefed. Later, parents suggestions to improvise and further bring excellenc din the channel of communication was taken up

International teachers day

you led me towards the path i should follow in life, opened my mind, touched my heart and soul today grade 3 vayu students conducted an assembly on the theme taking a lead and they shared the principles of education through the gurus across the globe on the occasion of international teachers day.

world postal day

the theme was "world postal day"students performed numerous activities like poster making,role play,sharing of ppt's ,quote sharing,thought of the day and fact telling. also,they described  the importance of celebrating postal day.students whole heartedly participated on october 9,2020 and shared their views via different was a spectacular performance by each and every student of grade 5.

air force day celebration

the indian air force (iaf) day is celebrated every year on october 8 and on thursday the iaf will proudly observe its 88th anniversary. on the occasion, a scintillating air display by various aircraft will be the hallmark of the air force day parade cum investiture ceremony at air force station hindan (ghaziabad) near delhi. on the occasion, union defence minister rajnath singh wished the air warriors and their families. taking to twitter, he wrote, "I am confident that the iaf will always guard the nation's skies, come what may. here's wishing you blue skies and happy landings always."


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