raising your vibrations

the whole teaching fraternity puts their emotional needs aside in order to address the emotional needs of their students. the capacity to harness deep empathy for others is one of the most admirable characteristics of teachers. our teachers need to take care of their emotional health too. a mindfulness workshop was organized for the teachers to take care of their emotional well-being along with physical and mental health. “raising your vibrations” at manaskriti school. a workshop on emotional well-being by nidhi sehgal member of harmony and healing.

good touch bad touch

manaskriti arranged for a workshop on good touch bad touch for parents and students of class nursery and k.g. ms. gaurangi, students counsellor with a good experience, conducted an interactive session by explaining to students what are our private parts and the difference between good touch and bad touch. she explained the “safe circle”, people we can trust and share our problems and secrets with them. she conducted an activity and asked the students to make their safe circle and draw the people they trust. she answered the queries of the parents and students and also shared her email with them in case they wanted to share something privately. over all it was a nice interesting and interactive session.

workshop by ms. gaurangi chawla

reading and spelling workshop

a “reading and spelling workshop”was conducted by mr.pratik kadam from “zenit excelencia” on october 7,2020 from 5 to 6 pm. it was an interesting workshop for students of grade 3 to 5. mr.pratik presented spelling rules and also their exceptions. he told about nouns starting with c,sh,s and x and ending with es as a suffix.further,he gave puzzle to elaborate the techniques about spellings.then,an interesting activity was performed to differentiate nouns,verbs,adjectives and adverbs. also,language enhancement was done via vocabulary.he winded up the session with a vocabulary word “champagne”and its pronunciation. it was an informational workshop which was highly beneficial for our young learners of manaskriti

doodling and scribbling

doodling and scribbling are most often associated with young children and toddlers, because their lack of hand–eye coordination and lower mental development often make it very difficult for any young child to keep their
colouring attempts within the line art of the subject.

popular kinds of doodles include cartoon versions of teachers or companions in a school, famous tv or comic characters, invented fictional beings, landscapes, geometric shapes, patterns, textures, or phallic scenes. with this vision workshop on doodling and colour blobbing was organised for our young manaskriti minds.

story session

ankur manch conducted a story session for little manaskriti minds on saturday 26.09.20, the story teller was ms. madhvi bhalla from pratham books. she took a break from her work to take care of her twin girls and in the process developed a deep interest in children’s learning and development.

in 2019, she founded roots and stem, an after-school activity centre for young children as a way to fulfil her passion for fostering a joyful environment of learning and nurturing young minds. not only
does she conduct an interactive storytelling session, but also teach phonics classes with primary students and conduct foundation stem sessions with them.
the story was “angery akku”. It was about the anger management. how kids now days are facing thus issue in covid times and otherwise also and what are the steps one can take to cope with it like drinking water, counting 1-10, talking to a buddy and so on. it was an amazing story session and she also did moods activity with little children, like how we feel when we don’t get our candy, children expressed various expressions of anger, happiness, sadness etc. parents also enjoyed and learnt various ways to cope up with anger management of the children now days morning in a positive manner

Art of Self- love

A workshop on the “Art of Self-love “for the educators of Manaskriti school.
Oscar Wilde once said, “to love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”.
How do we start that romance? How do we learn to love ourselves?
When we practice self-love, we cultivate a loving and healthy relationship with ourselves and something magical happens. Our relationships, our career, our health – they all flourish when you start to love yourself.

Career Counselling Program

Vikhyat Gupta, an Actuarial science professional shared his views on new career opportunities and how he has benefited from the right guidance and counselling. This was held at Manaskriti as a part of the career counselling program held on 2nd Feb.

The pandemic introduced us to a new world order which is based upon making opportunities from where we are rather than where the opportunity is!
The opportunities were home tailored and we saw the world benchmarking a new milestone in their evolutionary process.
The 21st Century has a new outlook with the endless opportunities for work. It is for this reason that we thought of navigating the paths of our students. Our ultimate aim being raising phenomenal individuals who can cut across the borders of “ I, me, myself” into a world which goes beyond these words and becomes WE !
We are very thankful to Ms Ambika Vasudev and Ms Pooja Gupta who cleared many myths regarding the future career options for the young minds!!

The main aim of career counseling is to help students choose a field that is in tune with their skills and their potential. Thus, with professional help, most students end up choosing the right career and perform their level best, which ultimately helps them succeed. Manaskriti would be organizing a career counseling session for its students of grades 8 and 9 on 2nd February. We are honored to have @ambikavasudev and @poojagupta to conduct this session at Manaskriti.

Art of living Session

We welcome the new normal and with our parents spread this energy of living a healthy life!

Roopa somasundaran, an art of living skill enthusiast, a Yoga teacher and RJ amongst many other skills graced the Manaskriti assembly of parents and taught some reviving yoga asanas. Within minutes little kids and parents transcended into the beyond with her peaceful, almost magical voice. We thank her for being a part of us in this ination with new Manaskriti chapters.

The Magical Nature

Nothing compares to nature ‘s beauty, from spring ‘s hopeful new blooms and fall’s exquisite array of colors to winter’s magic and summer’s energy, each season abounds with different types of natural beauty to explore and admire.
It was our pleasure to have Dr. Karunaapal Gupta amongst us to guide the children about ways of protecting and respecting the abundance of nature!
Manaskriti, with its sustainable practices, has always believed in being close to nature and providing learning spaces to children where they appreciate nature and take steps to protect it.


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