At Manaskriti we have a comprehensive assessment structure to assess learner’s performance and report progress to learners and parents.

We use nationally benchmarked  review system mapped with our national assessment body CBSE. Manaskriti Assessments measure learner’s progress over time and enables detailed structured reporting to parents.



  1. Subject enrichment activities which will comprise of Assignments, Written Reports, Practical Exercises, Group/ Individual Interviews, Projects, Viva Voce, etc.
  2. A logbook or Journal ( For grade 3-8) that will contain evidence of a child’s day-to-day work; evidence from other (related) work situations; prior acquired learning; and other related activities, such as leisure pursuits.
  3. Note book presentation which also depicts a child’s determination and inclination towards developing good handwriting and being disciplined.
  4. Pen and paper test which would be a part of Summative assessment


We would have two Terms- Term 1 and Term 2. Term 1 would be from April- September and Term 2- October- March.

Assessment would be done via the following modes:

  • Formative assessments
    • Learning milestones
      • Proficiency – Clarity of concept
      • Effort- Attitude towards building skills
      • Creativity- Analytical thinking and creative application
      • Participation- Readiness and participation in class
    • Assignments- This would include all H.W, holiday homeworks, projects and assignments.
    • Reviews- Revisions and assessments conducted at the end of each lesson.
  •  Summative assessments

Summative assessment aims to evaluate student learning and academic achievement at the end of a term. There would be two summative assessments – one in September and the second in March. This Summative assessment would be applicable for grade 6 , 7 and 8 only. For Grade 5 one Summative assessment would be conducted in Term 2.


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