Our Pre-Primary program is designed to provide the core for the future academic, social and emotional well-being of every child. Our all-inclusive curriculum highlights activities and resources designed for the development of gross and fine motor skills through our eight learning centers. These activities also encourage shared discovery, achievement and challenges

All our children are involved in a professional fitness program, creative expressions and community outreach, enabling them to explore and understand their environment.



Let’s enter the world of early years in manaskriti where we call them as ‘Anmol’.

A campus buzzing with activities and experiential learning are ready to welcome tiny tots who happily leave their mother’s hands and run towards their educators to greet them with a Namaste! The day begins with UMANG time where the young manaskriti minds have everyday new learnings through our robust calendar called- ANUBHAV. Whether it is a wellness session of yoga, life skills sessions or inter class competitions, children are engaged in activities beyond the text books when they reach school.

With classroom management tools like CHAMPS, educators take the children through the pedagogy of “Learning through play” and they happily engage in collaborative understanding that moves beyond the classrooms also.


Our teaching pedagogy

We build connections between children’s natural experimentation in play and the scientific inquiry process.
Our pedagogy is hugely influential on child’s development in fostering speech development, cognitive processing, self-awareness and self-regulation.


Learning through sand play

gives tactile experience, improves imagination and is a stimulus of joyful learning


Learning through water play

enhances their gross motor skills, coordination and physical fitness through lifting, pouring, carrying, running and splashing


Learning through table top

with open ended play as table top activities, children come up with numerous solutions for a simple puzzle


Learning through small world

imaginative role play, puppetry and storytelling which enhances creativity and communication skills


Learning through creative play

develops creative experiences, with children sharing their imaginative world to everyone


Learning through dramatic play

develops a range of motor-skills and explorations through an array of drama and theater performances

Our learning spaces

a state of the art infrastructure that shares learning experiences for children. It makes the process of learning fun and ensures the lasting impact on the minds of today’s generation as they are not restricted to their classrooms

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