Kitaab Ghar

KITAB GHAR” is an initiative by Manaskriti school to foster reading habits amongst children and adults. This mobile library encourages an interest in reading and life-long learning. Kitab Ghar progresses from one public area to another on scheduled dates, mainly nearby residential vicinities. By now, the school has covered prime locations like SRS residency, Piyush heights, Park Grandeura, BPTP Resort, RPS and Summer Palms.

Library volunteers help children and adults to build confidence and motivation by providing a positive reading and learning experience, and by developing improved skills and habits, using library as a resource. Volunteers help them in familiarising with the library and assist them in borrowing library books. We would like you, to register your societies as well so that we can reach you and you and your friends can avail this grand facility of issuing various books form “KITAAB GHAR”. If you have books and wish to donate to the mobile library you are most welcome.

For donation you can send the books to the MANASKRITI SCHOOL or we can also arrange a pick up form your place.

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