abhinay1.0 & shikhar1.0

Manaskriti’s annual day celebration Abhinay 1.0 brought forth a vibrant spectacle this year , revolving around the enchanting theme of the “world of dances”. The outdoor abhimanch pulsated with energy as students from diverse backgrounds united to showcase a kaleidoscope of dance forms, embodying the rich culture tapestry of our global community.

The event commenced with seeking blessings of Goddess Saraswati and lighting the lamp. The gathering was addressed by our respected Principal Ma’am Ms. Jyoti Bhalla and Honourable Trustee Ma’am Ms. Manisha Gupta who  appreciated the efforts of all the children and teachers and boost their morale.

The event kicked off with a mesmerizing classical ballet gracefully transitioning into lively Bollywood beats and rhythmic Latin dances. The stage came alive with the flamenco’s passionate footwork, the precision of Irish step dancing and the expressive movements of contemporary dance. Each performance transported the audience across continents celebrating the universal language of dance that transcends borders.

The students dedication and enthusiasm were evident in every choreographed step,  fostering an appreciation of cultural diversity. The fusion of traditional and modern dance forms echoed the interconnectedness of our world, promoting unity through artistic impression. Parents, teachers and students alike marvelled at the spectacle , realising the profound impact of embracing and celebrating the myriad dance traditions that make up the rich tapestry of our global society. The world of dances theme not only entertained but also served as a poignant reminder of the beauty found in our shared humanity.

Our esteemed guests for the evening were our trustees, members of the management and guests of honour  Ms. Leela, the famous kathak dancer,  Deepak Maharaj ji from Kalka Bindadin gharana  graced the occasion with their presence. Our respected Principal ma’am Ms. Jyoti Bhalla expressed enthusiasm about the theme stating , “Dance is a powerful medium that allows us to celebrate diversity and appreciate the beauty of various cultures. World of dances is not just a theme; it’s a celebration of our global community coming together in harmony”. We express gratitude to her for being the catalyst,  whose vision and trust stimulated us to do our best.

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