NEP 2020 Training

The teacher must be at the centre of the fundamental reforms in the education system. Given such an important role to a teacher in the education system, it becomes all the more important to strengthen and refresh the skill base of teachers on a continuous basis. Therefore, bringing teachers to the forefront, NEP 2020 endeavours to enhance the professional standards among teachers. With this rationale approach Manaskriti School, sec-82 Faridabad, organised one full-day workshop on New National Education Policy 2020 on 15th October 2022. The main objective of this Workshop was to create awareness about the newly launched National Educational Policy-2020 amongst teachers and to familiarise them with the skills to help them understand its nuances, curriculum changes, a shift in the pedagogical skills and its implementation for the 360-degree holistic development of stakeholders, the students.

The session began with the welcome note and introduction of the eminent Resource Person Ms. Rajni Ashat, who is a renowned name in the field of education for her expertise and experience of over 30 years and is an expert in conducting various competency building programs for mentoring the teachers.

Our Principal, Ms Jyoti Bhalla facilitated the guest with a Tulsi planter and apprised the educators that the “NEP 2020 is a historic effort which seeks to introduce and implement a sea of changes across all levels of education in India. It is indeed a welcome breath of fresh air which has reoriented the focus of education and is trying to move away from rote-learning and memorising as core practices. Instead, there is greater focus on testing concepts and knowledge application, and encouraging a more holistic development for students”.

The resource person, Ms.Rajni Ashat stated that the policy is based on the pillars of access, equity, quality, affordability, and accountability and will transform India into a vibrant knowledge hub.

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