Workshop by Principal Ma’am

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. 

It was all about the Howard Gardener’s theory of 8 multiple intelligence.

It talks about different mental strengths a  human or an individual may possess .

The theory refers to the different ways students learn and acquire information. 

These multiple intelligence refers to the use of words ,pictures,numbers music to physical movements and being in tune with nature .

The group of Educators was divided into 8 different intelligence and they had to demonstrate each intelligence and the  rest all had to guess the theory used for collaborative learning in the classroom .

An interactive , absorbing and a wonderful session by Principal maam . 

Thankyou for this opportunity where all  educators could enhance their teaching skills and use multiple intelligence in the classrooms for the benefit of students by customising lessons ,classroom layouts and assignments .

Anyone who never stops learning stays young and we  are grateful for this amazing learning experience today.

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