Anmol – priceless. This is what our pre – primary children are to us. From ankur to grade 2 each and every child is precious and unique. The educators design the curriculum in a holistic manner which suits each sprouting soul. Children gain knowledge through the experiential learning process with the scientific tool of the eight learning centers that develop an overall understanding and build fine and gross motor skills along with creative expressions of the children.

activity of anmol manch

In the other activity of Anmol manch- Pretend and Play was there. Where they do haircut through and enhance their motor skills. Students also develop the Vocabulary such as bath, body wash, comb, scissors, and bath tub. Over all the session was very lively and full of learning.

students creativity

Students love getting creative when provided with some blank sheets and some ideas to be poured on them. Nursery vayu students got their shape creation book in which they showed their understanding of shapes. All the regular shapes are turned into objects changing cylindrical shape into s soup can, a sphere shape into a basketball, and the best so far, changing a circular shape into a cat. Kids love such transitions. It's their way if understanding how things are formed.

colorful shapes

Summers are here and we have always noticed the best a d most colorful way to understand shapes is through Fruits. Those juicy, mouthwatering summer fruits become our natural teachers. Nursery with students learned out triangular shapes, what are they, and how to make one through our dear fruit Watermelon. How red it is and how juicy it is and how amazing it looks when eaten in a triangular shape. Learning has been so much fun wott melon as our mates.

The Big Hand

The virtual classes have never been more fun.. we made concepts like learning about bigger and smaller things a playful act. These activities are centred around developing their motor skills, improving hand eye coordination. Apart from the enrichment in motor skills, their language development is also there with concepts like measurement of big and small things and their comparison.


Shapes so many of them.. in one of the virtual Classes our students worked in the shape creation books. The kids showed their creativity by changing regular shapes into real objects like changing a cylindre into a soup can, a sphere into a basketball and circle into a cat. The more the shapes the better they could connect with things around them..

Stories are the great way to teach essential life morals and values to kids.

Manaskriti educators go out of the box and frame a platform for their Tinytods and for their parents. In which they don't get rigid at one state storie but also they engage themselves and their parents to participate and enjoy in the Uttarakhand folk tales " The four Companions". In which teacher played a role of farmer and parents along with their kids played the role of theives.

papa and mumma join us in learning new concepts

Learning becomes fun when papa and mumma join us in learning new concepts. A hands on activity to explore mathematics was conducted to revitalise the brain development of kids. Measuring of kids feet, hands and shoes were done along wih that if mother and father. The goal being measuring who has the longest hand and foot at home. And theh all discovered it merrily. Concept learning has never been so much fun before for them.

My popsickle stick family

Understanding things through drawing them and adding some fun to it makes concepts learning so much easier. We asked them to make popsicles in the meaning to show stick figures of their family. They drew I tracing everyonein their family from their grand parents to their siblings younger to them. A fun way to immerse them into the concept of family lineage through alternate structures of top and low. They did it with ice cream sticks, painted in different colors with hands and toes coming out like that of branches.

Concept of long and short

Ladder ladder two of them, don’t which one to climb first? A simple concept of long and short was taught and put into action for children through ladder structures. Small and long ladder structures were drawn by them, with the help of match sticks. They all drew it and talked about the various long and short comparisons they get to see around them.

Threading – Learning motor skills

concepts are bets learned when they are seen and reflected upon. It is all about experience what is a thing about by observing and putting it to use. Our making a triangle necklace was one such feat accomplished within the class room with the little ones. They had to have their hands on thread. A fine way to improve their motor skills. They cut out small triangles and wove them together in their thread finally turning it into a necklace. What an adornment, they designed. We all wore it in the end in our necks. Indeed a joyful experience.

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